Getting Help at Pittsburg State

Getting Help

Pitt State Resources

We understand it's difficult to reach out for help. We are here to assist you in any way possible.
Below you will find resources for in-person counseling services, accommodations, legal services, reporting tools that can be submitted anonymously and so much more.

If a person, or situation, is an immediate threat to themselves, someone else, or they are incapable of caring for themselves,
CALL University Police, 620-235-4624, or DIAL 911.

If you have a concern regarding behavioral/general concerns, violations of university policy, or misconduct which does not involve domestic or dating violence, sexual assault, stalking, harassment, retaliation, or bias based discrimination please report below.

Say Something

Used to report instances involving domestic or dating violence, sexual assault, stalking, harassment, retaliation, or bias based discrimination.

Submit a Report Resources

If a student has been absent for 3 or more days, the Student Life Office can send out notification to their professors.

Behavior Intervention/Threat Assessment Team

Mission Statement
The mission of the Pittsburg State University Behavior Intervention and Threat Assessment Team is to provide a proactive and supportive multidisciplinary team approach to prevention, assessment and intervention of situations or individuals which may pose a threat to the educational functions, safety and general wellbeing of the University community.

Purpose Statement
Pittsburg State University cares about the health, wellness and general safety of all members and visitors to our campus community. The purpose of the University’s Behavior Intervention/Threat Assessment Team is to apply a multidisciplinary approach to preventing individuals from harming themselves or others, and generally to assist persons in need. These persons include members of the university community as well as community members who may pose a threat and or disruption to our campus community.

Awareness Training
  • About Training
  • How to access and/or find the Think About It link
  • Questions?


  • All incoming students are invited to complete the Campus Clarity Think About It course. This includes Freshmen, Transfer Students, and Graduate Students.

  • All Freshman students are required to complete this training.If an incoming Freshmen student does not complete the training, as required by Federal Mandate, the University places a hold on their account until the training is complete. This restricts the student from enrolling the next semester, receiving their transcripts, etc.


  • All Pittsburg State University employees are strongly encouraged to complete the LawRoom Campus Sexual Violence Prevention Training course. This includes part-time employees as well as Graduate Assistants (Administrative, Teaching and Research).


Students are emailed their log in information at the beginning of the semester. If a student is unable to locate the email invitation for Think About It, here are the steps for them to be sent an access link:

  1. Go to

  2. Select Login to Training (in the top right corner of the page).

  3. Enter your PSU student email account in the box labeled "school email address" (this would be your email account). Click on Continue.

  4. Next, Login to your email account and find an email from campus clarity with a link to the training; access that link.

  5. Complete the training (no use of wireless devices; use only Firefox or Chrome browsers).


New employees are also emailed their log in information a week or two after their start date.

  1. Go to

  2. Enter the credentials emailed to your PSU email.

  3. Complete the training.

Contact Jason Kegler, Assistant Vice President for Student Life.

Gorilla Assistance Pantry

The Gorilla Assistance Pantry is aimed at improving the lives of students and campus employees. By providing food to those in need, GAP is able to make a difference on our campus. Students and campus employees are able to obtain three days worth of food by providing the GAP volunteers with their PSU ID card. All information will be kept confidential.

The Gorilla Assistance Pantry hours are by appointment only.

Donations can be made at Axe Library, the Student Recreation Center, or the GAP location. The food pantry is located in 310 Whitesitt Hall.

Schedule an appointment by sending us a Facebook message
(click on the messages tab --> )